Gear List -

Canon 5D Mark III

The workhorse DSLR for both stills and video. My go to camera at present for low light shooting and quick photographic turn around.

Canon 16-35mm F2.8

As far as wide lenses go, the versatility of this Telephoto range of 16-35mm, capable of shooting at F2.8 all the way through, makes it essential for shoots on the run, or stabilized moving shots for video.

Canon 70-200mm F2.8 Mark II

My go to lens for portraiture, weddings, fashion, street style and sport. This lens' speed and focal length, make up for the weight of carrying it throughout an entire day of shooting. Making the most of it's shallow DOF and Image stabilization in terms of photography, it provides a beautifully crisp image for interviews on a B-Cam, when used for video.

Canon 24-105mm F4 IS

Eventhough it's F4 maximum aperture can be limiting, I originally took on this lens for run and gun video because of it's Image Stabilization. When working on a River Island shoot, I saw it being used for a catalog shoot and went out to test it's performance in terms of imagery. With the image stabilisation turned off, this lens is capable of producing some amazingly sharp stills.

Canon 85mm F1.2

Known for it's Bokeh, this specialty prime serves me well for fashion, weddings and portraits. Low light images take on a whole new dimension when using this lens.

Canon 35mm F1.4

As I've grown as a photographer, my affinity with prime lenses has increased. As and when shoots require it, the clarity of using the best glass Canon has to offer, comes in to play. My go to lens for video, combining the power of the FS700 and the clean imagery of the 35mm.

Canon 580EX II Speedlight

Great as a fill flash for evening events or as a slave flash off camera. I generally shoot with a TTL cable on a bracket attached to the camera body (Avoids Red Eye and flat light source)

Profoto D1 Heads

Eventhough my apprenticeship involved working with Elinchrom, Broncolour & Bowens; I find the Profoto setup so ideal. Whether it's shooting with D1 Studio heads or B1 Air Location lights, these flash heads are realiable and tough.

Sony FS700 4K

This 4K camera delivers stunning moving imagery at high frame rates. I use it in conjunction with a Odyssey 7Q External Recorder capable of recording RAW, uncompressed 4K footage when  needed. Using a Metabones adapter, with prime glass.

DJI Ronin-M

Cinematography and motion go hand-in-hand. This stabilizer allows me to gain shots that were only dreamt of at the beginning of my career. Now it's an essential part to provide energizing flow to shots in my storyboards.

Sennheiser EW 100- ENG G3 Radio Mic System

Testing, one, two... Is this thing on. Monitored with Audio Technica Headphones.

Zoom H4N Audio Recorder

Handy recorder for capturing 48bit WAV files from interviews / presentations.

1x1meter BiColour Lite Panels

Powerful light panels that operate off mains or V-Lock Batteries. These together with a few Gels makes for amazing subject lighting, and portability. Used for photography and Video.

Lowepro Pro Roller x200 AW

I've used Lowepro since the beginning and their customer service is great.

Lowepro Fastpack BP250 AW II

What I've come to enjoy about Lowepro's fast pack is how much gear you can actually fit in it. Strong and sturdy straps ensure it stays on your shoulders and the built in rain coat has been used numerous times. When I battled with a fault in the past, they've supplied me with a feasible offer to replace.

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